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Advantages of Granny Flats as Alternative Portable Accommodation

Residential house prices are not coming down any time soon, especially for Australia’s booming cities Melbourne and Sydney. Unfortunately, this is not good news for our younger generator as getting their foot into the door is getting more and more difficult and expensive. Fortunately, there are the Agcab Granny Flats which serve various advantages for the growing housing problem faced in Melbourne and Sydney. There are many financial and lifestyle benefits offered by Granny Flats. As Australia’s most affordable granny flat supplier, we have all your needs covered.

Some of the key benefits of the Agcab Granny Flats include:

  • Help your children gain some independence as they begin their journey to save for their own home
  • Create your very own home office rather then renting expensive commercial space, and spending hours in traffic
  • Look after your elderly parents, keeping them nearby
  • Rent it out, and allow others to help you pay down your mortgage