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How to Safely Transport your AGCAB Portable Cabin

One of the reasons why our portable cabins are so popular is that they are easy to move. Each one is built to be a compact, independent unit, therefore transport does not require them to be dug out of foundations or even partially disassembled.

Purchasing a portable cabin from AGCAB might be the easiest way to have a portable that relocates with you. While this is easy, there are preparations required for a successful move. Here, cabin experts from our team share some tips on how you could transport your cabin. Whether it is a move to a new location metres away or an intercity haul, these pointers can be very handy.

Remove and Pack Shifting Items

Prior to the move, remove lamps, shelves and hanging items. They can easily be destroyed by a bumpy ride. In addition, these items add weight to the entire structure. Without them, it will be easier for the crane or other machinery to lift your home. If you want to pack everything in one go, you can load the items after securing the portable cabin on the cargo vehicle


Disconnect from Utilities

Power, water and sewer lines connect to your portable cabin (if any). These need to be disconnected and sealed before the move. Once your cabin is in its new spot, the careful disconnection will make it hassle-free to connect to new lines.

Hire Professional Experienced Movers

Moving a cabin can require specialist vehicles and equipment, especially for medium to long distance hauls. Remember the keywords: hydraulic trailers and jacking tools. When looking for a provider, always ask them if their equipment can handle the weight of your cabin and if they have any experience.

Plot the Journey

Plan where the portable cabin will pass and don’t wing it. Be wary of trees and figure out if there are any restrictions regarding oversized loads on streets you intend to use. Present these to the movers before you start the trip. (Or you might be up for some added charges)

The transportable cabins do offer a wide array of possibilities that traditional dwellings do not. To make a move successful, ample preparation and help from the right people are necessary. Take these simple steps and precautions and a brand new environment for your cabin awaits.