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  • All Portable Cabins are prefabricated within the parameters of our state of the art factory facility in Melbourne

  • This allows for a controlled environment and efficiency. 

  • Cabins are transported directly from our factory to your nominated address

Australian Made EPS Panels

  • All the EPS Panels used for the walls and roof, are manufactured locally in Melbourne by Australasia's largest Manufacturer of insulated panel systems

  • High Quality

  • Complies to relevant Australian Standards

  • Available in a range of Colorbond Colours

  • Fire Retardant

  • High insulation performance

  • Impressive strength to weight ratio

Fully Custom

  • Each portable is built to order

  • Ability to customise your floor plan and options


  • Agcab Portables are able to be financed through a variety of financial institutions

  • Buy Now, Pay Later available on all models

  • Improves cash flow

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