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Customised Portables: You draw it, we build it!

At AGCAB portables we allow you to draw it, and we build it. Its that easy!

We have assemble many customised portables designed by the customer theirself. As you know you need a portable, you know best where you want the windows/doors/internal walls to be located. Simply draw your idea down, and send it off to us. We will try our best to match your design as closely as we can.

Recently, a lovely customer wanted a 6x3 portable but wanted it to have 2 separate rooms each measuring approx 3x3. She wanted an internal wall between each room, and a separate entry to each room. She basically wanted a 6x3 converted to 2 sections of 3x3 to allow for her to have 2 separate office rooms.

We delivered just that. A fully customised 6x3 as seen in the photos below. The whole process took 6 business days!

Not only is it easy, but its quick and affordable.

Win win for everyone involved.

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