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The benefits of AGCAB Portable Buildings

There are many benefits when it comes to investing into an AGCAB Portable Building.


We assemble the building right at our factory, and offer factory direct prices. Saving you more money to spend on other things! You also get the added benefit of using our vast experience in the portable building industry, and design and manufacturing experience.

You draw it, we build it:

In 90% of sales, customers opt for our pre-designed floor plan designs. We also offer a You Draw It, We Build It program, where you simply sketch out the floor plan you want, and we build it for you.

Add value to home/business:

It’s an asset for your home or business – There was a time when portable buildings and granny flats were treated as second-class citizens in the housing and building industry, but not any longer. They are a popular addition to any block of land, and are highly sought after.

Our granny flats and portable buildings are assets that add value to your home or business, and they can even be used as a rental to help ease your mortgage repayments and own your home sooner!


Our Cabins are 100% Portable, which means you can always sell it off, or take it with you to your next destination. It is that easy!


We recognise that good insulation is vital to obtain the highest level of comfort. That is why, at Agcab, we take pride in the materials we have selected to ensure our portable cabins offer the highest level of insulation, at a fraction of the cost.

On Site Assembly:

For customers around Melbourne, we offer an on-site assembly service, where we come out to your site and assemble the portable cabin from scratch. We arrange the electrical as well!

Multi-Use Application:

Many of our customers use their portable building for more than one purpose. Some use it for a home office in the day and a guest room at night. Others use them as craft rooms, media rooms, games room, storage room, holiday homes and toilet/shower blocks.

Extra Inclusions:

We offer a range of extra inclusions such as: air conditioning, heating, diesel generator, chassis mounted cabin, cladding, kitchenette, verandah etc.

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